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Turnover by Organization

This report shows results of all financial operations of a certain organization with other companies.

Turnover by organizations

Using the "To reports" button one can return to the list of reports. Using the "Export" button one can export the report to an external file.

It is necessary to specify the following parameters in the upper part of the tab:

Book — in the first field to the left, one should select a book the report should be created by;

Our organization — in this field, one should select an organization the report will be created by. In other words, the report will include only the orders and payments the organization participates in;

Period — in this field, one can choose a time period of the report. If you select the "period..." item, the additional field where you can specify custom period will appear. Dates are chosen using the interactive calendar that is opened by pressing the Calendar button.

The report itself is displayed below. It contains the following information:

Organization — name of the organization, with which financial operations were conducted.

Payment in — the sum of orders placed by the organization to our organization that is selected above. Result on payments from this company;

Payment out — the sum of orders placed by our organization to the given organization;

Order In — the sum of payments received from the organization for benefit of our organization;

Order Out — the sum of payments made by our organization to the given organization;

Balance — financial result on all invoices and payments for the organization, for which the report is generated.

The lower line denoted by the Sum button shows the grand totals on all fields. If the accounts were performed in different currencies, the summary factors are shown separately.

Only passed payments and orders are included into reports.