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Public Requests

Installed at a website public component of the "Service Desk" has the following appearance:

Window of requests

In this window a user can see the list of available requests. It contains the following buttons:

  • Filter — choose a filter of request by their status: "All", "Open" or "Closed".
  • New request — start creating a new request.

Viewing Requests

In order to start viewing a request, one should click with the left mouse button on it:

Viewing request

There are following commands in this window:

  • New comment — add a new comment to the request.
  • Open/Close — change the status of the request to open or closed.
  • To list — return to viewing of the list of requests.

New Request

In order to create a new request, one should press the "New request" button. The following window will be opened as soon as you do it:

New request

In it you should fill out the following fields:

  • Title — the title of request.
  • Group — the choice of the group, the request will be created in.
  • Category — the choice of one of the available categories in the group.
  • Product — the choice of one of the available products in the group.

The lower part of the window is intended for writing the text of the request. Using the "Browse" button, one can attach a file to the request.