TeamWox HelpAdministrationOverview


This tab contains the general information about your license, its expiration period and hosts (server addresses which can be used for installation of the TeamWox), the number of users and groups and some settings.


If you want to restart the TeamWox server, you should press the "Restart server" button located at the top of the tab. This may become necessary, for example, in case of loading or unloading modules.

Automatic Update

Here you can turn on/off the automatic update of TeamWox system. To do it, press the Choose button in the "Automatic update" field and make the necessary choice from the pop-up list:

Enabling/disabling automatic updates

The feature of manual updating the system is available here, too. It can be performed by pressing the "Check for updates and upgrade" button. The peculiarities of the automatic and manual updating the system are described in the "System Updating" section.


Using the "Use pre-released versions" option you can choose which updates the system will receive:

  • Release — receive updates only when a final version is released;
  • Pre-release — receive intermediate updates besides the main ones. Such updates are released more often, they allow to start working with new features of the system without waiting for the final version. However there is a minor possibility of incorrect operation of some functions of the system. That is why it is not recommended to enable this option.

Hard Disk Drive Usage

The information about the use of a hard disk on the server where TeamWox is installed is displayed in this block:

  • common_volume_occupied — disk space occupied by TeamWox.
  • common_backup_volume — disk space occupied by TeamWox backup copies.
  • common_backup_volume_necessary — disk space required for TeamWox backup operation.
    There must be enough space on the disk for TeamWox backup copies creation. The enough space is calculated as the double size of the largest backup copy among recently created ones.
  • common_volume_free — free disk space.

If there is not enough free disk space, a special notification will be shown in this block. You should carefully watch the disk to have enough free space for normal functioning of the system.

Administration of the free domain tmwox.*

If your system is installed at one of free domains, provided by MetaQuotes Software Corp. (, or, the additional box appears at the "Overview" page:

Administration of the free domain tmwox.*

This box allows controlling the binding of the domain name, selected during installation of the system, to the IP address the system works at. In case of changing the IP address at which TeamWox works, specify here the new address and click the "Apply" button. After that, the system will send a request to the DNS server of MetaQuotes Software Corp., where the binding of the domain name will be changed.

If the IP address the system works at is changed frequently (for example, if the address is allocated dynamically), enable the "Track change of the IP address" option. Thus, the changes of the address will be automatically checked with a certain periodicity. In case the address is changed, the binding will be automatically changed at the DNS server.

A special function allowing you to contact the Technical Support Service of the MetaQuotes Software Corp. is implemented on this tab. If you press the corresponding button, a window will appear in which you should fill out a special request form. Once you press the "Enter" button, you will be connected to a special online consulting group.