TeamWox HelpAdministrationUsers


This tab is intended for managing users of the TeamWox system.


By default, the user list is sorted by "Login". If you want to sort it by "Full name", you should just click with your mouse on its name. Its name will become bold and underlined.

The upper part of it contains the following functional buttons:

  • Add — if you press this button you'll go to the adding of a new user.
  • Import — go to the import of users from a file or from Active Directory.
  • Exportexport information about the users. This function is under development at the moment.

Using the button List of columns, you can adjust columns displayed in the list of users. To sort the users by login or full name, click the name of the corresponding column.

The following commands will appear if put the mouse cursor over a group row:

  • Disable — disable the user (set the "Disabled" status);
  • Delete — delete the user (set the "Deleted" status). The deleted users are shown at the end of the list. Their names are crossed and their icons are: Deleted user.

Adding and Editing Users

In order to create a new user, one should press the "Add" button at the upper part of the tab. To view or edit a user, one should click with the left mouse button on its login. All the user settings are divided into the following tabs: