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Service Operations

The TeamWox system automatically performs a number of service operations intended for optimization of its work. The service operations are performed at night time when the server load is minimal.

Daily Operations

Daily service operations are performed at 01:00. They include:

  • Cleaning of mails from the "Deleted" section (messages deleted more than 7 days ago).
  • Re-filtering of mails (messages are checked for their correspondence to existing filters, and moved in case mismatches are found);
  • Closing of chat dialogs with expired timeout.
  • Cleaning of thrash of documents (documents deleted more than 30 days ago).

Weekly Operations

Weekly service operations are performed every Sunday at 03:00. They include:

  • The full reindexing of information of all the modules.

You can find information about the start and the end of performing of the service operations in the system journal by searching the "Maintenance Time" combination of keywords.