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This tab allows setting up access of the group to the functions of TeamWox Communicator.

Setting up access to the functions of TeamWox Communicator

The access rights to certain functions can be specified in the corresponding paragraphs in "Allow" or "Deny" columns. If you check the "Allow" column Allowed appears. Checking of the "Deny" column shows Denied. When enabling and disabling access rights, the corresponding tabs appear and disappear in the TeamWox Communicator example.

If a feature is prohibited to a group then it will be prohibited to each user that is in that group. But if a feature is allowed to a group, it can be prohibited for individual users in the group. Thus, prohibitive instructions always prevail over permissive ones.

Features that are not marked as allowed or denied are considered as prohibited on default.

Access to the following features of TeamWox Communicator can be set up:


The Contacts tab displays the list of employees, indicating their positions, photos and status. Commands to make calls and chat with colleagues are available here.

Turn this tab off in case you want to hide the full list of employees from the user (e.g. security guard).

The Chat tab will not be available if you will turn off this tab.


The Calls tab displays the list of dialed numbers, received and missed calls. Turn this tab off to disable telephony functions for the employee.


The Chats tab displays the employee's chat history with colleagues. Turn this tab off to disable chat feature for the employee.


The Events tab displays notification of changes in modules available to the employee. Turn this tab off in case you want to hide notifications of new tasks, requests, documents, comments, board messages and e-mails from the employee.

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