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The Chats tab is designed to manage dialogs with other users. It shows a list of dialogs for the selected day:


The list shows the name of the person who has created the dialog, as well as the time when the chat was created.

  • Dialogs created through TeamWox Communicator and the Chat module are synchronized. All dialogs can be viewed both in TeamWox and in the Communicator.
  • All transmitted messages are securely encrypted.

Depending on the type, the dialogs have different icons:

  • Open internal dialog — open internal dialog.
  • Closed internal dialog — closed internal dialog.
  • Unprocessed public dialog — unprocessed public dialog.
  • Open public dialog — open public dialog.
  • Closed public dialog — closed public dialog.

Creating a Dialog

To create a dialog with your colleague, choose the Chat Chat command in his or her context menu. Also, the dialog can be created from the Chat module of TeamWox.

Selecting the Chat Date

In the list of chats, the dialogs are shown only for the date selected at the top of the tab. To switch to the previous and next day, use buttons Previous day and Next day. You can also choose the day by a left-click on the currently selected date. This will open a special calendar:


Viewing a Dialog and Communication

To view a dialog, click on the user's name in the list of chats.

Viewing a Dialog

The tabs of open dialogs are shown in the upper part of the chat viewing window. To close any of the dialogs click Close Tab.

To the right of the chat identifier (digits after the # sign, which is also a permanent link to this chat) there is the button Menu for calling the chat menu. The menu contains the following commands:

  • Complete Complete — complete the dialog and close the window;
  • Hide Hide — hide the chat window;
  • Conference with participants Conference with participants — create a conference call with all participants of the chat;
  • Copy link address — copy the chat permanent link to the clipboard.
  • Open in browser Open in browser — open the chat in the "Chat" in the browser.

Below is the history of messages sent. To write a new message, enter a text in the box at the bottom of the window, and click Send.

Sending Files

There are a few ways to share files:

  • Using the Send file button. A click on it will open the Explorer window where you can select a file.
  • By Drag'n'Drop from the Explorer to the chat window.
  • By pasting the file from the clipboard using the console menu or the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

To send the selected file click "Send". Click "Cancel" to stop file transmission.

Images can be pasted in the chat window directly from the clipboard, no need to save them on information media. To send form the clipboard, use the console menu in the chat dialog or the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

A thumbnail appears when a file is sent. A click on it opens the image in the default image viewer.

The size of the file sent is limited by the general system settings.

Inviting to a Dialog

You can invite as many colleagues as you want to join a dialog. To do it, click "Invite Invite" in the upper part of the tab. The list of all colleagues appears:

Inviting Colleagues

To invite an employee, click them with the left mouse button. Once you do it, their icon will be displayed in the row of participants of the dialog in the upper part of the tab. To disconnect an employee from the dialog, click their icon in that row.

To invite a whole department, click the "Add Group Add group" button that appears when putting the mouse cursor over its name.

To finish inviting colleagues, click "Finish Inviting Colleagues Invite" and you will return to the dialog view.

Public Dialogs

When working with public dialogs of the "Chat" module using the TeamWox Communicator, dialog tabs may display some additional information: the subject of a dialog, the company name of a person that requested a dialog, e-mail address, etc.

Public Dialog

To change the subject of a dialog, click on it with the left mouse button.

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