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Internal Calls

To make an internal call using the TeamWox Communicator, select "Call Call" in the context menu of the required user in the contacts list. The call status is displayed at the top of the TeamWox Communicator:

Outgoing Call

Once the user answers the call, the status of "Dialing..." changes to the call timer. Using the context menu, one can open a chat, create a task or view the profile of the colleague:

Call context menu

Incoming Calls

The incoming call window is shown in the lower right corner of the screen, separately from the TeamWox Communicator:

Incoming Call

By clicking on the green button you can answer the call, or use the red button to reject it.

A context menu is available in the incoming call window:

Call context menu

The following commands are available in it:

  • Chat Chat — create a dialog with the colleague;
  • Task Task — open a window of creating a task for the colleague;
  • Profile Profile — go to viewing the colleague's profile in the "Team" module using a browser.

Transferring Files

During a call you can quickly transfer some local files to the person you are calling. To do it, drag the files to the TeamWox Communicator header area.

Transferring files

The files will be transferred through a chat.

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